Disaster Recovery

You never know when a disaster may strike. From user error to natural disasters it can happen in an instant. With EDLINK18 disastery recovery services you can be protected.

Disaster Recovery Services

What We Provide


Built on industry leading technologies from Veeam, HPE, and others we provide a robust enterprise ready solution.
We can backup almost anything including but not limited to Virtual Servers (VMware & Hyper-V), Physical Servers (Windows & Linux), Desktops, Laptops, etc.

Fully Managed

Don’t want to mess with setting up your backup sets, testing, and restoring data when needed? Our fully managed pricing includes support to work with you to make sure we are backing up the needed information and that it will be available when needed by regularly testing restores.

You do not need a support contract to take advantage of our support with fully managed disaster recovery services

Self Managed

Self managed disaster recovery will help save you money. You are responsible for setting up backup sets, testing them, and restoring any data that you may need.

Support is available for helping you at our hourly rate. If you have a tier support contract we can help with some of this but it is still your responsibility to setup, test, and restore the data when the time comes.

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