Cyber Security

EDLINK18 has been working for years to make sure we provide some of the most secure solutions available. We now provide this knowledge along with products we use as a service.

Cyber Security Suite

What’s Included

SB 820 & HB 3834

With the new SB 820 and HB 3834 requirements hitting districts across the state there is a lot of uncertainty. Let us guide you through this bills and provide services to help comply with any requirements they have.


Some of the services included in our security suite:

Semi-Annual Information Security-Focused Meetings
Virtual Information Security Consultation
Information Security Updates and Tips
Policy/Procedure Template Library


Some of the products included in our security suite include:

Security Awareness Training
Internal & External Vulnerability Scanning
Centralized Security Event Logging
CIS Workbench Policies and Scans
Privileged Remote Access

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